Is It Time to Reactivate Cryptocurrens?


At the time of writing, Bitcoin was approaching $ 20,000 USD a new high. What has changed since the time of the end?

Crazy Stupid

The situation of Covid19 has changed the way people do a lot of things. Technology has become increasingly sophisticated in everyday life. Things that used to be physical are now being pushed around the world – in school, eating out, having fun, working and buying goods and more. The natural adaptation of this type is to use cryptocurrensets. Why? It’s an extension of the world with advanced technology. It can also be used to compete with available funds at a lower cost.


By the time Bitcoin reached its peak, many corporations were making demons as payment methods that terrorists use for terrorism, money laundering and drug trafficking. Currently, Mastercard and Visa connect their cryptocurrencies and credit cards, and Paypal now accepts Bitcoin for use on its platform. Many governments are talking about donating their traditional cryptocurrency funds. There was also pressure from Facebook to link with major banks and other organizations to release a cryptocurrency called Libra which did not go far enough but the goal is there. Cryptocurrencies are not forged unless the aforementioned entities do so.


The secret to any technology is to spread or adopt more people. When people use something, there is a great need for it to be used and it will be very important. With each other, the machines that work with businesses are also starting to change. See Apple iPod, Microsoft Windows, internet providers, and automotive electronics as examples. With the new demand will come new factories and the products of the back pigs that did not help without the establishment of the original object.

Social Economic Risk

As a result of the Covid scandal and the ongoing frustration, investment in stocks and bonds is becoming very cheap and at high risk because the economy is no longer associated with these markets. The increase in debt makes selling real estate more risky than in the past and instability of mortgages and the ability of people to repay their debts. Money is a safe haven but rising debt and the prospect of inflation mean that money is once again at risk. The concept of diversity means that this money should be spent to a certain extent, but now there is a desire for wealth that achieves this. The new economy is cryptocurrensets. This contributes to debt diversification, lower costs, and higher prices.