Will Cryptos & Blockchain Really Explode?

Every day there are so many stories about what can happen, what can happen, and what should happen in the world of Crypto Currencies (CC’s) and Blockchain. There has been a lot of growth, research, and a lot of discussion, but funding and projects are not really available. It has not yet delivered the expected changes. Many ideas have been discussed and edited, but none have yielded significant results for game change. What would be needed by major players in companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, and major financial institutions to move forward with the development of effective blockchain programs – which the rest of the world would not be without.

Economic operations are a target for building Blockchain projects because modern banks are still based on old-fashioned and painstakingly published ideas, and because these machines are obsolete, they are expensive to maintain and operate. Banks almost certainly have good reason to impose fines on their actions – their systems do not work well. These systems have a wide range of unnecessary information levels, because each employee must have a certain type of performance. And there is the business of making sure that there is someone trustworthy to get rid of all the incidents – which require the same numbers. Blockchain technology has a promise to solve these problems, because every product sold will be recorded on a single chain, and because it is secure, security and integrity are built and guaranteed. It may take some time to build your confidence in these new systems, since blockchain protocols are not the most expensive banks used by banks today. Relying on banks in new technologies takes time, and more time will be required to reduce that confidence in consumers.

Another company that will soon be ready to offer CC and Blockchain a big boost is Amazon. It seems that Amazon is planning to launch its own crypto currency. This is a company that earns money to grow a good country, and has the opportunity to offer a digital sign that can be replaced by other CCs, as well as fiat currencies. Such a move could help Amazon to:

  • release (AMAZON) prize money and encourage promoters on any platform
  • give money to consumers to spend on in-app purchases
  • they raise money for players in the game to buy the best games
  • extends cash to ordinary customers as part of a loyal program

Amazon can have better customers and partners to make this happen. Worldwide it has about 300 million customer accounts, about the people of the USA, and has 100,000 retailers on their platform, with millions of items for sale. There is no company more popular than Amazon, which has a lot of wealth, which is connected. Amazon’s entry into the CC world could represent the establishment of blockchain technology by many organizations on a large scale. What could be around right now if AMAZON currency starts working is like DISNEY Coin, DELTA AIRLINES currency, CARNIVAL CRUISES currency, HOME DEPOT currency – you get this picture.